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How to Recycle It

Step 1: Detach the chain from all four locations.

Set your hanging garden on a flat surface and lay the single, large hanging=hook to one side of the container. Slide the chain to that same side in order to give yourself enough “slack” in the chain so the clips can be easily manipulated. Squeeze each of the clips and rotate until they are free of the container.

Step 2: Remove the reservoir lid

The reservoir lid can be easily identified by its six holes. This is the end of the container that is opposite of where you unhooked the chain from in step 1. Hug the container against yourself with one arm and use the other hand to grasp the lid. Pull straight up until all four latches unsnap.

Step 3: Remove the dirt and plant

Once the lid is removed from the upside down garden planter you need to remove the growing media and plant. After a season of growth, the roots will hold the soil the in the container. Use your hand or a garden trowel to loosen the media and break the roots. Place the contents of your hanging garden planter in your compost pile.

Step 4: Rinse and recycle or reuse.

After composting the plant material from your hanging garden rinse out the container to remove any remaining dirt. Now you can simply set it aside until next spring or recycle it with your other plastic items.

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